onsdag, november 15, 2006

Intervju med världens bästa band.

Are Saddest Landscape just playing music, or do you have a message/goal?
a little of both, we primarily play music but i like to think even though we aren't overtly political some of our ideas get across through the choices we make as a band being it playing in diy circles, all ages shows, affordable records. trying to create a dialogue with the people who come see us etc. i dont really think any of it will change the world in a broad sense but hopefully it will inspire people to change themselves the same way punk rock did for me.

What is emo to you?
emo to me is just creating emotional expressions (be it music, film,art, writing) from the heart as opposed to rationalizing it and thinking it all through (which isnt to say there is no thought just more that it comes out in a more instictual level) and just letting creating because you have to in the most sincere and honest way you can.

Du kan läsa intervjun i sin helhet på Hardcore- Times.

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